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  • 1) Created a table 2) Inserted 50millions of rows with commit — Data file size extended from 100mb to 20gb. The editor will auto-refresh after the ALTER to show the updated info. ALTER TABLESPACE nologging_ts LOGGING; After changing a tablespace logging status to LOGGING, NOLOGGING created objects will remain as NOLOGGING. We can add space in two ways. If you want to recreate your temp tablespace, then follow below steps. A tablespace is used to allocate space in the Oracle  У меня данные с моего рабочего сервера Win2003 и Oracle 9. For tablespaces not using the OMF feature this cleanup can be performed by issuing the statement. To decrypt a tablespace, execute the ALTER TABLESPACE with the DECRYPT option: SQL> ALTER TABLESPACE sysaux ENCRYPTION ONLINE DECRYPT; Tablespace altered. SHRINK SPACE command was introduced in Oracle 10g to perform online segment shrinks for tables, LOBs and IOT overflow segments. You can not alter attributes like (PERMANENT, READ WRITE,EXTENT MANAGEMENT LOCAL,SEGMENT SPACE MANAGEMENT AUTO) with an ALTER TABLESPACE statement 3. 2]: Unable to Drop a Datafile From the Tablespace Using Alter Tablespace Co Data Pump Transportable Tablespace. com Scenario:- Lets suppose the datafile size is 100m with autoexted upto maxsize 32gb. If you are in 12c version ,then renaming a datafile can be done online, without making the datafile offline. Shrink the amount of space a temporary tablespace or a temp  В этом учебном пособии вы узнаете, как использовать Oracle оператор ALTER TABLESPACE с синтаксисом и примерами. I will describe a few details about how a bigfile tablespace can be resize. 2 to 11. Before you can make a tablespace read-only, the following conditions must be met. 2. e either normal tablesapce or bigfile, which is default. 3. Do not specify MAXROWS for a LOB table space, a table space that is implicitly created for an XML column, a table space in a work file database, or the Db2 catalog table spaces that Oracle method: alter database rename. 1. The database must be open to alter the availability of a tablespace. By default, all data is visible in the datafiles. Example – this example creates a Bigfile tablespace named Graph01 (to store data that is graphical in nature and that consumes a lot of space). When allocating new extents to a tablespace segment, the database uses the free extent closest in size to the required extent. This Oracle ALTER TABLE example will modify the column called customer_name to be a data type of varchar2(100) and force the column to not allow null values. Apr 06, 2015 · Tablespace created. alter_default_tablespace. The database does not change the tablespace id so if this tablespace were, for example, the default tablespace for a user, then the renamed Aug 01, 2018 · Each database user has a temporary tablespace (or temporary tablespace group in Oracle 10g+) designated in their user definition. Transparent Tablespace Encryption (TDE) can be used to get them encrypted. I now no longer work with Oracle databases, but hope that these notes will continue to be of benefit to others. 2. Create a new undo tablespace of the same size (larger or smaller) depending on your database requirements. Restrictions on Altering Tablespaces Altering tablespaces is subject to the following restrictions:. In an Oracle Database with compatibility set to 10. . we can either resize the existing datafile or add the new datafile to the tablespace. It requires Enterprise Edition plus Advanced Security Option. The ALTER TABLE … MOVE PARTITION command moves a partition or subpartition from its current tablespace to a different tablespace. Dec 18, 2016 · Online Decrypt Tablespace. Please verify carefully if currently no backup is running !! SQL> alter tablespace SYSTEM end backup; Tablespace altered. Tablespace encryption helps you to secure the complete contents of one Tablespace instead of encrypt column by column. SQL> SQL> grant create session, dba to oracle_admin; Grant succeeded. dan' RESIZE 50M; Add A Datafile To An Existing Tablespace: ALTER TABLESPACE The Oracle Advanced Security option for Oracle Database 11g introduces a nifty new TDE feature— tablespace encryption —that allows a whole tablespace to be encrypted and therefore addresses the range scan and foreign key limitation of column-level encryption. 3) performed so many DML’s — NOLOGGING can be used to prevent bulk operations from logging too much information to Oracle's Redo log files. Keep in mind that TDE can also be… You can rename both permanent and temporary tablespaces. After ALTER TABLESPACE with MAXROWS is run, the table space is placed into an advisory REORG-pending status. With Oracle Database 12c Release 2, we can decrypt a tablespace online without any downtime. If you do not specify a tablespace, the partition will reside in the default tablespace. If the table is indexed, the index will be created on the new partition. Nov 18, 2014 · We tried to coalesce the tablespace, but it did not. ASM group for me is DATAGROUP, It could be different for your environment. Check dba_free_space for details. To use the ALTER TABLE The tablespace master encryption key is stored in an external security module and is used to encrypt the TDE tablespace encryption keys. — To find the default tablespace name for the database is SQL> SELECT PROPERTY_VALUE FROM DATABASE_PROPERTIES In Oracle 12. 0 [Release 10. If tablespace is read only, then Oracle Database does not update the datafile headers to reflect the  Resize a data file for a tablespace. options: The option used with this command can be any one of  One exception is the bigfile tablespace. tablespace. I am working in Oracle technology since 2004. SQL> DROP TABLESPACE temp INCLUDING CONTENTS AND DATAFILES; Tablespace dropped. dbf' resize 300 MB; If you cannot expand the current datafile then you will need to add another datafile. 0. In a more complicated example, you could use the ALTER TABLE statement to add a default value as well as modify the column definition: This post provides the steps to resize the Undo tablespace. That will give the user 50M to play about with in the SYSTEM tablespace (Bad Idea). com May 20, 2017 · SQL> alter tablespace erp_temp tempfile offline; Tablespace altered. SQL> ALTER TABLESPACE my_space  1 Aug 2018 Sooner or later, every Oracle DBA will encounter the issue of an For example, moving a table to a different tablespace with the ALTER TABLE  4 août 2017 SQL> alter tablespace TBSNEW01 OFFLINE; Tablespace altered. Drop the old UNDO tablespace UNDOTBS ===== SQL> ALTER TABLESPACE UNDOTBS OFFLINE; ALTER Restrictions on SYSAUX tablespace 1. 2 for Intel XEON 5600 CPUs with AES-NI. Here is the syntax to do that (note that you will have to modify the datafile name for your environment): alter tablespace SYSTEM add datafile 'c:oradata01system02. file_id = b. dbf' ALTER TABLESPACE TEMP1 ADD TEMPFILE '/u04/oradata/TEST /temp01. SQL> SQL> alter user oracle_admin 2 default tablespace users 3 temporary tablespace temp; User altered. Change the TableSpace Size: Coalescing Tablespaces. For changing the default tablespace also, below steps can be used. blocks, b. SQL> alter tablespace PSAPSR3DB end backup; Tablespace altered. On the other hand, FORCE LOGGING can be used on tablespace or database level to force logging of changes to the redo. tom' RESIZE 50M; ALTER DATABASE DATAFILE 'c:\oracle\oradata\orabase ools03. Oct 12, 2012 · Sorry for my delay response, the datafile will create for the tablespace in ASM group. Making a tablespace read-only: All tablespaces are initially created as read/write. The free extents did not get merged to one of 320 Kbytes. If you use the AUTOEXTEND ON clause, Oracle will automatically extend  Change the properties of a tablespace. Check the User default tablespace select username,default_tablespace from dba_users where username = 'MDSYS'; USERNAME DEFAULT_TABLESPACE ----- ----- MDSYS SYSAUX 2. To Change back to normal tablespace: Alter database set default smallfile tablespace; Alter database If the tablespace is fragmented, the free spaces between extents cannot be deallocated this way. Database objects are logically contained within tablespaces. Skip navigation or u can also resize existing temp file. The ALTER TABLESPACE statement is used to modify a tablespace or one of its data files or temp files. You will also learn how to list available tablespace and datafile in oracle database engine. First, create a new tablespace called Dec 16, 2018 · You can add datafiles into the tablespace in Oracle alter tablespace tablespace_name add datfile command if tablespace is unable to extend. 1 and later releases a new user setting, LOCAL_TEMP_TABLESPACE, is available. Oracle automatically drops a tablespace group when you remove the last temporary tablespace from the tablespace group. I’ve also opened the ‘Manage Database’ page from the connection context menu, and sent it to a new Document Tab group so I can see my tablespace details next to total database storage report. Description. In Oracle 12c tablespace is a logical storage container that houses physical data files in which database tables and indexes are stored. You must own a table to invoke ALTER TABLE … MOVE PARTITION or I have a Oracle 12c tablespace with the size of 90GB. dbf' SIZE 100M With the increasing emphasis on data, Oracle is the most widely used in data process SQL> alter database default temporary tablespace temp2;. and then assign a higher quota to user, like so: alter user SALES quota 50m on system; Wrong. Oracle will allows you to use the ALTER TABLESPACE XXX RESIZE DATAFILE syntax. Although the status of tablespace is still online, the status of temp files are all offline at only one command. Set default TEMP tablespace to one created in STEP1 SQL> ALTER DATABASE DEFAULT TEMPORARY TABLESPACE temp2; Database altered. Most of the parameters are available for changing the tablespace’s data file, such as the maximum size, whether it can extend at all, and the size of the extents are now modifiable at the tablespace level. Symptoms. To move or copy a set of tablespaces, perform the following steps. tablespace_name 6 and a. Jan 30, 2017 · Tablespace: Tablespace is logical storage unit in oracle database which consists of one or more datafiles it can't be visible in the data file system Tablespace Files : Tablespace has different types in above picture i. 12 Jan 2019 We can add space in two ways. The best way to shrink Undo tablespace is to switch to a new Undo tablespace and drop the old Undo tablespace. 4. Let’s begin with a basic overview about Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) and how to set up software keystore for a Real Application Clusters (RAC) database that’s using Automatic Storage Management (ASM) and then create an encrypted tablespace. At the end you will learn how to drop tablespace. SYSAUX tablespace cannot be dropped or renamed. Apr 10, 2018 · ALTER TABLE talip_test LOGGING; ALTER TABLE talip_test2 NOLOGGING; This situation applies in tablespace. file_id, a. To decrypt a tablespace, execute the ALTER . Almost 40GB are free. 0, так что SQL> ALTER TABLESPACE TBLSPCMYONE OFFLINE 2 / Раздел изменен. Oracle has also built in support for hardware-based crypto accelaration 11. An important use of the alter  Look at the ALTER TABLESPACE command. 21 Dec 2017 Hello Today I am showing you how to create tablespace. This is the datafile's size in bytes: SELECT FILE_NAME, BYTES FROM DBA_DATA_FILES WHERE FILE_ID=72; Nov 08, 2008 · — Set default tablespace for all users, so when users are created without specifying default tablespace it will be user’s default tablespace SQL> ALTER DATABASE DEFAULT TABLESPACE abc; Database altered. rdsadmin_util. oracle. While modifying local temp tablespace for a user, observing ORA-922 SQL> ALTER USER USER_NAME LOCAL TEMPORARY TABLESPACE TEMP2; ALTER USER USER_NAME LOCAL TEMPORARY TABLESPACE TEMP2 * ERROR at line 1: Let’s begin with a basic overview about Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) and how to set up software keystore for a Real Application Clusters (RAC) database that’s using Automatic Storage Management (ASM) and then create an encrypted tablespace. You can specify the size in kilobytes (K), megabytes (M), gigabytes (G), or terabytes (T). Oracle Database Tips by Donald BurlesonFebruary 7, 2015. Jul 27, 2018 · Check and Change Default Tablespace for User in Oracle 1. 1, you can now use the command ALTER DATABASE MOVE DATAFILE in order to rename, relocate, or copy a datafile when the datafiles or the database are online. tablespace_name = 'TEST2' 5 and a. To alter the availability of a tablespace, use the ALTER TABLESPACE statement. e By Franck Pachot . Recreate the PSAPTEMP tablespace with the size and location you desire. as SQL> alter database tempfile '/oracle/oradata/test Jan 09, 2007 · Oracle 10g introduced a new type of tablespace called BIGFILE. We can also rekey a tablespace encryption. You can use this method only if the on-premises platform is little endian, and the database character sets of your on-premises database and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database service database are compatible. ALTER TABLESPACE tablespace_name ADD DATAFILE 'path_to_datafile' SIZE size;. Oct 10, 2012 · Senior Oracle DBA, Oracle 10g , Oracle 11g OCE ,Oracle 12C and Oracle 11g OPN certified Specialist, OCP Certified in Oracle 9i,10g , 11g and 12C. That tells Oracle that any segments created by this user should be written by default to the USERS tablespace. Use the read only clause in the alter tablespace statement to change a tablespace to read-only. SQL> alter tablespace TEST2 coalesce; Tablespace altered. E Email: sher487@hotmail. Specify the name of the tablespace to be altered. SQL> ALTER TABLESPACE my_space OFFLINE NORMAL; Tablespace altered. After a stop  alter tablespace test_data encryption online using 'aes192' encrypt file_name_convert=('/u01/app/oracle/oradata/mgmtdevcdb/mgmtdev/test_data01. 1 select a. dbf'  26 Oct 2018 CREATE TEMPORARY TABLESPACE temp; TEMPFILE '/u01/oradata/TEST/ temp01. You can resize a bigfile tablespace by using ALTER TABLESPACE. The following example resizes a bigfile tablespace named users2 to 200 MB I can give you the *privilege* of UNLIMITED TABLESPACE, which means you use as much space in *any* tablespace. When using the alter table move tablespace syntax, make sure to define two tablespaces of the same size to receive the tables, back-and-forth. A free extent in a dictionary-managed tablespace is made up of a collection of contiguous free blocks. 1 to 11. Sep 07, 2018 · how to check tablespace in oracle To list the names and various other of all tablespace in a database, use the following query on the DBA_TABLESPACES view: SELECT TABLESPACE_NAME "TABLESPACE", EXTENT_MANAGEMENT,FORCE_LOGGING, BLOCK_SIZE, SEGMENT_SPACE_MANAGEMENT FROM DBA_TABLESPACES; My disk was full because the USERS Tablespace was bigger than 17Gb. If you create a tablespace as NOLOGGING then you can change its logging status to LOGGING. DROP TABLESPACE app_ts INCLUDING CONTENTS AND DATAFILES; sql> select tablespace_name, file_id, file_name,round (bytes / (1024 * 1024), 0) total_space from dba_data_files where tablespace_name='UNDOTBS1; 3. dbf' SIZE 1000M;. Check whats occupying SYSAUX In Oracle Informations, SAP Basis Informations Tags: alter database tempfile, alter tablespace add tempfile, create tempfile, drop including datafiles, drop tempfile, offline tempfile Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. That is what you find in DBA_SYS_PRIVS I can also give an unlimited amount of space in a *particular* tablespace, using: alter user MY_USER quota unlimited on MY_TSPACE; That is what you would see in DBA_TS_QUOTAS Home » Articles » Misc » Here. tablespace_name = 'TEST2' 4 and b. Alter Tablespace Add Datafile. Amazon RDS method: rdsadmin. Jan 07, 2014 · A bigfile tablespace can have only one datafile. 1 and later Information in this document applies to any platform. A local temporary tablespace segregates user temp data, like sorts and hash joins, to a temporary tablespace local to the RAC instance to which a user is connected. Alter tablespace datafile using fileid & filename and resize datafile. To add a datafile to a tablespace do the following. dbf' size 100 MB; Alter user <user> quota alter user <user_name> quota unlimited on <tablespace_name>; alter user <user_name> quota 1M on <tablespace_name>; Sets the quota for a user on a tablespace . In this user MDSYS has the tablespace SYSAUS as default. PURGE TABLESPACE; Example: purge tablespace USERS; 2. 0 or higher, you can accomplish this by making the datafile read/write at least once. Delete old PSAPTEMP tablespace. If tablespace is an undo tablespace, then the only other clauses you can specify in this statement are ADD DATAFILE, RENAME DATAFILE, RENAME TO (renaming the tablespace), DATAFILE You use the SHRINK SPACE clause of the ALTER TABLESPACE statement to shrink a temporary tablespace, or the SHRINK TEMPFILE clause of the ALTER TABLESPACE statement to shrink a specific tempfile of a temporary tablespace. SQL> create user oracle_admin identified by oracle_admin; User created. alter tablespace, drop tablespace, unlimited tablespace GRANT alter tablespace TO uwclass; 'c:\oracle\oradata\orabase\uwdata02. TB1 54 % 90880 41383 49497 46 98304 50 % ONLINE PERMANENT The tablespace has 3 datafiles. For example, if you join two large tables, and Oracle cannot do the sort in memory (see SORT_AREA_SIZE initialisation parameter), space will be allocated in a temporary tablespace for doing the sort operation. A. You can let Oracle autoextend datafiles as well, which allows Oracle to resize the files automatically when they are  Unlike ordinary tablespaces, online backups never need to issue the ALTER TABLESPACE FACT_96 BEGIN BACKUP commands. Apr 20, 2013 · Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) was introduced in Oracle 10G Release 2. ALTER TABLESPACE tablespace_name ADD DATAFILE 'path_to_datafile' SIZE size; If you use the AUTOEXTEND ON clause, Oracle will automatically extend the size of the datafile when needed: ALTER TABLESPACE tablespace_name ADD DATAFILE 'path_to_datafile' SIZE size AUTOEXTEND ON; Let’s see the following example. The new tablespace is created as encrypted, and the data, whether tables or Jul 16, 2013 · Starting with Oracle 12. Undo space once allocated will be available for reuse but will not be deallocated to the OS. Jan 04, 2016 · Alter database set default bigfile tablespace; Alter database default tablespace <name_bigfile>; If we do not mention in the tablespace creation, Oracle wil automatically use default one i. Можно также увеличивать или  2 Feb 2017 ALTER SYSTEM SET UNDO_TABLESPACE=undotbs2; DROP TABLESPACE undotbs1 INCLUDING CONTENTS AND DATAFILES;. Except in the Oracle Cloud when it is available – and mandatory – in all editions. Database  16 Apr 2017 Use one of the following commands to add space: SQL> ALTER TABLESPACE ts1 ADD DATAFILE '/path/to/file/name' SIZE 100M; SQL> ALTER  See Also: Oracle Database Concepts for information on tablespaces. Set default UNDO tablespace to UNDOTBS02 ===== SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET undo_tablespace =’UNDOTBS02′; System altered. Dec 15, 2019 · Oracle Database - Enterprise Edition - Version 10. block_id, a. SQL> drop table TBS_TEST; 18 Dec 2016 With Oracle Database 12c Release 2, we can decrypt a tablespace online without any downtime. E:\\ORACLE\\ Eureka, the Tablespace is Bigger. The ALTER TABLE . Shrinking frees as much space as possible while maintaining the other attributes of the tablespace or tempfile. What are the different types of Tablespaces in an Oracle Database - DBArch Video 23 - Duration:  3 Feb 2014 You will also learn how to list available tablespace and datafile in oracle database engine. Sep 21, 2005 · alter database datafile 'c:oradata01system01. In a database, tablespaces are created in two ways: By default for internal database structures By the database administrator (DBA) to store user objects For example, … When you RENAME A TABLESPACE, the database updates all references to the tablespace name in the data dictionary, control file, and (online) datafile headers. Find the existing temp tablespace details [crayon-5ef0b299af151501667664/] Create another Temporary Tablespace TEMP1 [crayon-5ef0b299af15a925617918/] Move Default Database temp tablespace [crayon-5ef0b299af15d374139677/] If any sessions are using temp space Dec 09, 2016 · SELECT file_name, tablespace_name FROM dba_data_files WHERE tablespace_name ='<tablespace name>'; If a tablespace contains multiple datafiles, and you just want to drop one or some of the datafiles and keep the remaining datafiles together with the objects and contents, the objects or data must be exported for the affected table space. Unlike traditional tablespaces that are composed of up to 1,022 datafiles, a BIGFILE tablespace stores its data in a single datafile default compress for oltp; Oracle does have an online command that will compress as-of the time that the command is issued, leaving any existing data in the tablespace uncompressed: alter tablespace <tablespace_name> default compress; Remember, this tablespace compression is only valid for DML statements run after " alter tablespace users CREATE TEMPORARY TABLESPACE tablespace_name TEMPFILE 'path_to_file' SIZE 50 M TABLESPACE GROUP group_name; Or ALTER TABLESPACE statement: ALTER TABLESPACE tablespace_name TABLESPACE GROUP group_name; Removing a tablespace group. Semantics. Oracle method: alter database default tablespace So, In this case 3 tablespace were in backup mode and it needs to be cleared. We usually take tablespaces offline for maintenance purposes. Jul 11, 2018 · ALTER TABLESPACE commands on a Bigfile tablespace do not reference a datafile because only one datafile is associated with each Bigfile tablespace. We will check out adding  29 апр 2017 SQL> ALTER TABLESPACE test01 ADD DATAFILE '/finance10/app/oracle/ finance/test01. Whenever a sort operation grows too large to be performed entirely in memory, Oracle will allocate space in the temporary tablespace designated for the user performing the operation. Dec 17, 2018 · SQL> CREATE UNDO TABLESPACE UNDOTBS02 DATAFILE ‘+DATA01’ SIZE 1024M AUTOEXTEND ON NEXT 4096K MAXSIZE 9240M; Tablespace created. d at' SIZE 20M AUTOEXTEND ON NEXT 5M MAXSIZE 100M EXTENT MANAGEMENT DICTIONARY DEFAULT STORAGE ( INITIAL 1024K NEXT 1024K MINEXTENTS 2 MAXEXTENTS UNLIMITED ); Temporary tablespaces are used to manage space for database sort operations and for storing global temporary tables. ALTER TABLESPACE and DROP TABLESPACE for information on modifying and dropping  dbf' SIZE 10M; Tablespace created. SQL> alter tablespace users coalesce; Tablespace altered. ALTER TABLESPACE <TableSpace> COALESCE; Example: alter tablespace USERS coalesce; 3. SQL> alter tablespace PSAPUNDO end backup; Tablespace altered. ALTER DATABASE DATAFILE 'c:\oracle\oradata\orabase ools02. Creating and Sizing Tablespaces. Oracle method: alter database. This is because you are not  Alter Tablespace Add Datafile. Conversely, you can bring an offline tablespace online to make the schema objects within the tablespace available to database users. Online Rekey Tablespace. One step only is required for any of these actions and the database remains entirely available in read and write for users, without any data loss. SQL> alter tablespace ica read only; Then, SQL> alter tablespace ica read write; Procedure for transporting tablespaces. ora file points to the correct software wallet location. Run the REORG TABLESPACE utility to remove the status. Here are the steps to shrink an Oracle Tablespace: 1. ALTER TABLESPACE app_ts ADD DATAFILE; If a tablespace is dropped, Oracle will remove the OS files also. Check to ensure that the ENCRYPTION_WALLET_LOCATION (or WALLET_LOCATION) parameter in the sqlnet. And we can foresee that security policies will be enforced in the future years, by law or because Apr 30, 2015 · SQL> alter tablespace USERS rename to PSAPUSER; Renaming datafiles of a single offline tablespace: While the database is open, put the tablespace offline, rename the datafile at the operating system level, rename the datafile at the database level and finally take the tablespace online again. Shrinking Undo Tablespace Size. tablespace_name = b. You must have the alter tablespace or manage tablespace system privilege. During startup of an Oracle  17 Oct 2016 You can enable or disable automatic file extension for existing datafiles, or manually resize a datafile, using the ALTER DATABASE statement. ie, to add space or shrink the current Undo tablespace. The ALTER TABLE … MOVE PARTITION command can move partitions (or subpartitions) of a LIST, RANGE or HASH partitioned (or subpartitioned) table. Feb 03, 2014 · Alter Tablespace in Oracle ITORIAN. A tablespace is used to allocate space in the Oracle database where schema objects are stored. Syntax: ALTER TABLESPACE tablespace_name option. Oracle Database - Enterprise Edition - Version 12. ALTER TABLE SHRINK SPACE Command : Online Segment Shrink for Tables, LOBs and IOTs. block_id 2 from dba_free_space a, dba_free_space b 3 where a. Enable or disable autoextension of a data file for a tablespace. Jan 12, 2019 · Oracle tablespace stores the data in the Oracle database and as the data grows, we often need to add space to the tablespace. tablespace_name, a. Currently working in U. Amazon RDS method: create tablespace. dbf' Expert Oracle Database and Applications Admin. Regards, Sher Jun 14, 2012 · Shrink Datafiles – Adjusting HWM This below example is derived from “Shrinking datafiles” scripts from asktom. how i can add a datafile in the temp tablespace. file_id Answer: Oracle has many ways to reorganize tables, including "alter table move", plus create table as select (CTAS), dbms_redefinition, and data pump export import (expdp, impdp). My sql statment is alter tablespace USER-TABLESPACE add datafile ‘+DATAGROUP’ size 10G; Tablespace name is USER-TABLESPACE: is the tablespace you want to add datafile. Using SYSAUX DATAFILE clause in the CREATE DATABASE statement you can specify only datafile attributes in SYSAUX tablespace. Setting the Default Tablespace. In Oracle 12c [crayon-5eeab95616daa875862774/] Moving datafile from filesystem to ASM: [crayon-5eeab95616db6089963611/] Moving datafile from ASM to ASM: [crayon-5eeab95616dba381241258/] Moving datafile in OMF file structure [crayon-5eeab95616dbd777807906/] In 11g and previous versions hi, l'm using oracle 9i and created table with following statement CREATE TABLESPACE "TBLRBS" LOGGING DATAFILE 'd:\dbdata\oracle\TBLRBS. tablespace <new-tablespace>; This page represents one page of many pages of notes I made whilst working with Oracle 7 through to 10i. alter tablespace in oracle

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